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Around 2640km journeying through some of the wildest and most beautiful scenery the North Island offers – the inaugural Shitbox Rally 2016 to raise funds for the Cancer Society was a brilliant experience. While the combined Australian and New Zealand teams – 63 of them in all - raised $380,000 overall for cancer, a not insignificant $56,000 will go to the Cancer Society in New Zealand.


Highlights, apart from discovering back roads and coastal epics I’d never been along before, was the camaraderie with team members on the way.


We were split into 9 teams (Buddy Groups) with 7 cars, each with two drivers - and our group consisted of some real characters, from the Shitty In Pink girls - wearing tutus, to the Cruise Brothers - dressed as the Blues Brothers, The Students – eager to be the first in the group to see NZ, to the Loose Nuts – motorheads who kept us viable with their mechanical prowess, Over & Out and Toodle OO - from Oz and others….it was a riot from start to end. Camping in tents at the end of long and exhausting days was rewarded with some great meals, drinkies and outrageous party nights.


Apart from fund-raising, the exercise proved a perfect companion for the Easy Days brand which is all about leisure, time-out and having fun while travelling. It’s obvious it’s so much more fun if you take along the right equipment and games to play when you reach your destination.


Next year, we’ll be there again and we’re sure it will be even more successful given that sponsors can now see what a great vehicle it can be for their brand too.

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