10 Awesome Gift Ideas

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We have the perfect gift for your family or bestie – priced to suit your budget. Let your fingers do the walking or visit the showroom.  


  1. Easy Days Portable Sun Umbrella in a bag – very clever with high quality, four piece shaft. Fits into a small, easy to carry drawstring bag just 60CM long. $69.99 
  2. ROCKMAN-S waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – amazing quality with 3 watt speaker output gives 10 metre distance for 8 to 9 hours play. $99
  3. Fishing rod barbecue spatula – love the little fishie cut-outs! Trout tongs. Fun and superb quality. $39.99 each.
  4. Open Face Reel Fishing Rod Safety Lighters – great for candles; barbecue; anything. $39.99 each (Butane Refillable – they will fill in-store for you)
  5. Rope hammock – high quality, single polyester with oak spreaders and stainless steel rings - $149.99 and double hammock $210 
  6. Retro suitcase picnic set for 6 including Ceramic Plates and Mugs - $199 (Special)
  7. Giant Garden Jenga – in a carry bag. Everybody can play. $139.99
  8. Skull Coat Hanger – elegant and practical in your hallway. $105 
  9. LED Round Tray – light up your drinks with 16 colour scrolling lights. $170 
  10. LED Lantern with 16 colour scrolling lights or just one colour. Take it anywhere - $99 

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