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Everyone’s familiar with the drastic difference a quality knife makes for completing the task at hand – be it carving meat or effortlessly gliding through a steak or cheese. And since the 18th century, Laguiole – a village in the middle of the Averyon region of France renowned for handcrafting the finest knives – has been the name synonymous with such stellar severing performance. However, to ensure you’re buying the real deal, it’s important you sharpen your Laguiole knowledge.

What you need to know if you’re wanting to invest in the famed French made knives.
Unfortunately the Laguiole name was never patented nor protected, which has resulted in the market being flooded with low quality knock-offs from numerous countries around the world that are visually identical replicas still bearing the brand’s bee symbol. Therefore, the reality today is that Laguiole has become a generic name for a folding knife that resembles the aesthetics of those originally designed in the famed French village, which due to their inferior materials are flogged at a much cheaper price.

Thus to ensure you’re buying blades that have legitimately been handcrafted in Thiers or Laguiole, one must refer to the brand that accompanies the Laguiole name engraved on the knife, which is there to identify the manufacturing company in France. Laguiole ‘Tradition’ for example is a range handcrafted by Vauzy-Chassangue, two French companies who first partnered to produce knives in 1850. This range is made from the finest of materials – 440 Grade stainless steel with stainless steel or brass bolsters for strength, and hand-shaped handles of black or blonde cow horn, olive wood or yew tree and more, as opposed to the commonly available plastic, lightweight frame and low grade steel blade.

Made to last a lifetime, the ‘Tradition’ range includes everything from pocket, cheese and steak knifes to carving sets, letter openers and champagne sabers. To view this range that’s by far a cut above the rest, visit The Easy Days website here. Forged steel kitchen knives, a wide range of handle materials and customised knife sets are also available with forks to match.

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